what do we check during home inspection ?

1. Ceiling

  • - Finishing
  • - Alignment and Evenness
  • - Cracks and Dameges
  • - Roughness / Patchiness
  • - jointing

2. Wall / 3. Floor

  • - Finishing
  • - Alignment and Evenness
  • - Cracks and Dameges
  • - Holowness / Delamination
  • - jointing

4. Window / 5. Railing / 6. Cabinet / 7. Furniture / 8. Door

  • - Joints and gaps
  • - Alignment and Evenness
  • - Material and Damages
  • - Functionality
  • - Accessories defects

9. Electrical & Power Fittings

  • - Cable tremination and Earthing
  • - Switch & Sockets
  • - Distribution board
  • - Fittings Quality and Functionality

10. Plumbing & Sanitary Fittings / 11. Water Tank (If Applicable)

  • - Alignment and Installation
  • - Water ponding
  • - Water flow and leakage
  • - Fittings Quality and Functionality
  • - Thermal Imaging Scan

Goodhome is a home defect inspection wing of Eelium Engineering Private Limited and in the construction business since 2014. We are a BCA registered contractor with ME05 & ME11 qualification and a team of competent engineers & technicians. 

Your Booking for inspection would be the first step for you as a house owner who desreves a good start for a happy life at your living space.

↪   We provide defects identification service with all findings documented so that the homeowners do not have to spend potentially thousands of dollars for repair works after their Defects Liability Period (DLP).

↪   As the owner's representative, we meticulously inspect every nook and corner of the building structure, electrical systems, plumbing, and interiors to ensure a thorough evaluation.

↪   As your representative, we prioritize your peace of mind when moving in. Using advanced gadgets, we identify defects and promptly communicate with your appointed contractor to discuss and resolve the issues through three appointments.

Unnoticed Common defects

↪   These are normally hidden and need special scrutiny with specialised tools in order to avoid issues that may cost thousands of dollars to repair after few months of occupancy. We hear many stories during our contract work that a valid defect inspection should have been done before occupancy.

How do we check:

↪   Hidden defects can lead to costly issues post-occupancy. Prioritizing a thorough defect inspection before occupancy is crucial to avoid such situations. At GoodHome.sg, we understand the significance of early detection and aim to provide a hassle-free living experience for our clients.

↪   Booking for defect inspection

↪   The demand for home defects inspection services is on the rise, with a 20% increase in business since 2015. By booking our inspection team, we can help you save money in the long run and ensure a smooth transition to your happy space.

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